This website illustrates and documents methods for planning and crafting of Didgeridoos with freely definable sound characteristics. The "Test-A-Doo" hardware and the "CADSD" software (Computer Aided Didge Sound Design) complement each other excellent, why we (Kay Reimer and Frank Geipel) decided to present here both methods together. We wish much fun during the reading.

Test-A-Doo - Didgebau mit Testinstrument

CADSD - Computer-Aided-Didge-Sound-Design

Buch-Das Didgeridoo-Phaenomen

Didge crafting
with test instrument


New (crafting)Book!
"The Didgeridoo Phenomenon"

Sound example of Julian Rohrhuber (programmed with ' SuperCollider ')
Our special respect applies for the northAustralian Aboriginees, their delivered traditions and their archaic sounding woodwind instrument, that among other things from them "Yidaki" is called. This expression should be reserved to instruments, which were hollowed out by termites and crafted by authorized artists.

Although the sound of some self crafting instruments reach very near to good originals, we recommend to everyone seriously Didgeridoo enthusiast the purchase at least one "Yidaki" - first of all, in order to become acquainted with the special aura of these instruments and secondly to support the Australian natives, whom we have to owe this fantastic instrument.

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